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How to Find Similar Photos with
Similar Photo Cleaner

Ishtiaq by Ishtiaq · Updated Jul. 01, 2022

Quick Steps:

  1. Open Similar Photo Cleaner
  2. Add locations where you want to look for similar images
  3. Click "Start Search" button
  4. After few minutes it will list all the similar photos
  5. Click "Delete" button to remove them

Steps to Find Similar Photos

Similar photos and images are usually useless unless for a reason. They can take up a lot of storage space on your PC. It’s a good idea to find similar photos and get them removed. For example, if you have multiple versions of the similar photo with different resolutions, or if you have the habit of taking photos in burst mode, you may want to keep the best ones and delete the rest. Here you can find the best ways to remove similar photos on your PC.

Follow these steps to find and remove similar photos from Windows 10

Step 1 - Download and install Similar Photos Cleaner

Download Similar Photo Cleaner

Step 2 - Select the Search Option

You can add multiple locations including network paths. Please click on Add Path button and add as many folders or drives as you like to scan for duplicate photos.

After adding locations click on the "START SEARCH" button to begin the scanning process.

select search option

Step 3 - Take Actions

First, mark all the photos using Auto Mark > Mark All Duplicate Photos and after marking them select one of the action.

delete duplicate photos

Download Similar Photo Cleaner