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Get rid of duplicate videos and organizing your video collection and to free up your valuable disk space
Intelligent algorithms to identify all kinds of duplicate video files.

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Compatible with Windows
11/10/8.1/8/7 (Both 32 & 64 Bit)

duplicate videos

Duplicate Videos

Find and delete duplicate video files to make room for new albums!

selection assistant

Selection Assistant

The Selection Assistant lets you mark files by groups, dates, drives, folders and more

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Video Player

The built-in video player allows you to play the video side-by-side

What makes Duplicate Video Search a great tool?

Have you ever noticed lately how slow your computer became? While you wanted to save a file, did your computer say that you are out of disk space? Maybe you also noticed that your operating system wasn't working adequately lately. If so, it's time to delete duplicate videos from your hard drive. In our busy schedule, we use our computers a lot. Downloading videos, saving files, watching movies are part of our daily life. But did you know that you have a ton of duplicate videos on your computer that are both killing your computer's performances and wasting your time? 

It's an easy tool to find duplicate videos and delete them for more space, a computer that runs quicker and more time to enjoy your life.

Find and remove duplicate video files in just 3 Simple Steps

duplicate video finder

Add Folders

Click on the Add Path button and add as many folders or drives as you like to scan and then click on Search Now.


Review Results

Use selection assistant to select true duplicates for removal. There are lots of options to mark duplicated files


Take Action

You can delete them all in one go. Now you’re ready to enjoy a faster and more organized computer!

So how can you get rid of these duplicate videos and save gigabytes?

Duplicate video finder is here to ease your life. This powerful tool will first do a duplicate video search on your computer. Then it will find duplicate videos files in your hard drive and create a report. As simple as a click, you will get rid of these double contents that use valuable disk space for zero reasons without deleting videos you want to keep. It is the safest and easiest way to save you a precious amount of time scrolling and scanning your computer manually.

Duplicate video finder is an advanced video duplicate finder technology that makes you enjoy organizing your files. Choose our solution and restore the speed of your computer.

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Compatible with Windows
11/10/8.1/8/7 (Both 32 & 64 Bit)