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How to Find Google Drive Duplicate Files
in 2022

Ishtiaq by Ishtiaq · Updated Jan. 05, 2022

Duplicated files can waste quite a bit of your Google Drive storage space, so the excellent way to free up your storage space and avoid surpassing your account's limit is finding and removing the duplicate files. However, Google Drive doesn't include any options to search for duplicate files.

This guide will show you the best way to find and delete duplicate files and photos in your Google Drive account.

Find And Delete Duplicate Files in
Google Drive

Quick Steps:

  1. Open Google Drive Duplicates Finder
  2. Connect your Google Drive Account
  3. Drag and Drop locations where you want to look for duplicate files
  4. Click the "Start Search" button
  5. After a few minutes, it will list all the google drive duplicate files
  6. Select the files you'd like to delete (carefully)
  7. Click the "Delete" button to remove them

For a detailed step-by-step walkthrough, read below.

Download and install the latest version of Google Drive Duplicates Finder on your computer.

download google drive duplicates finder

The installer will take you through the necessary steps that you need to do to complete the installation on your computer. Once the installation is done, launch Google Drive Duplicates Finder from the icon on your desktop.

It finds duplicate files in Google Drive using intelligent algorithms that look beyond the file name. And best of all, the app works in the Cloud, which means you dont need to download any of your Google Drive files to your computer.

1. Open Google Drive Duplicates Finder

google drive duplicate file finder

2. Connect your google drive account by double clicking on the Google Drive icon

connect to google drive

3. Add locations where you want to look for duplicate files

select google drive search locations

You can add multiple locations by dragging and dropping a folder into this location window as you like to scan.

4. Click the "Start Search" button to begin the scanning process.

start dropbox search

Now google drive find duplicate files will scan your selected locations. Scanned results will be displayed after the entire scanning process completed. It will show you the total number of files as well.

5. After a few minutes, it will list all the google drive duplicate files

list of duplicate files

6. Select the files you'd like to remove automatically.

select duplicate files

You can use Auto Mark > Select All Older Files to automatically select the older files and leave the newest files in each group.

7. Click the "Delete" button to remove them

click delete button

Googled Drive will remove duplicates and sync everything back to your account, so you don't have to worry about your other devices' sync issues. And, if you delete anything by accident, you can recover them from the trashed folder.

Benefits of Removing Duplicate Files in
Google Drives

If you are using Google Drive for Home/Personal use, you may be paying a fee for additional storage. If so, then deleting duplicate files may save you money. And if you are synchronizing files to your computer, then it also take up space on your computer hard drive. Using the above steps, you can find duplicates in google drive and can save hundreds of megabytes of Google Drive storage. It also scan and delete duplicated files from your hard disk.

google drive benefits

In Google Drive is there an easy way to find and remove duplicate items?

No doubt, Google Drive is the best free cloud storage service, but unfortunately, it doesn't have a way to find or remove duplicate files. You'll need to manage that yourself. And the easiest way to allow the data to sync to your computer and run a Duplicate File Finder utility against them. Also works with Dropbox

Wrapping It Up

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services that gives you options to save documents, images, videos, and other files. However, it has a limited storage space unless you purchased the paid plan. And if you are a regular user of Google Drive, you have likely uploaded the same files several times. As a result, useless copies of files clutter your cloud storage. Therefore, we recommend using a Google Drive Duplicates Finder program, which correctly finds and removes unneeded files from your computer.