Top 5 Best Free Duplicate File Finder Tools to Remove Duplicate Files - Windows & Mac OS

As we keep using our Windows PCs and Mac OS, we tend to accumulate tons of files, photos, and music files. There is a high probability for the accumulation of duplicate files over time which is taking valuable disk space on the computer, they even reduce the overall performance of the system.

Here are the top five best duplicate file finder listed to get rid of duplicate and similar files. It would be a wise thing to manage space efficiently.

Top 5 Best Duplicate File Finder Softwares

1. Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder: –

One of the best duplicate file finders for windows and it can help you free up hard drive space by detecting and removing duplicate files. Duplicate files have exactly the same contents regardless of their name, date, time and location. Also, DFF is able to find files that are not exactly identical but have the same file name. Perhaps you have different versions of a file and you want to find all of them and remove the older versions. Duplicate File Finder can also find zero length files and folders. These are the files and folders that have no content.

Finding duplicates manually could take you hours, but with DFF you’ll be done within minutes. Get yourself a duplicate file finder, and you’ll never have to worry about the wasted disk space.

Note: When looking for duplicates in your system, always remember to limit your search to just your user/personal folders and not “clean up” anything from the operating system’s folders, as that can negatively impact the stability and working of your computer.

2. CloneSpy

CloneSpy not only finds the duplicate files but also acts as duplicate file remover. Once installed successfully, it scans the computer for duplicate files according to the customization options chosen by the user. It can find any files including photos, documents, photoshop files, images and more. Before removing the files, you have the option to review the results and delete all those unnecessary files accumulated.

With CloneSpy you can build checksum files from files on DVDs (or even on hard drives, etc.) and use them to check whether these files already exist on your system. The checksum files will prevent you from having to play DJ every time you search for duplicates! Download It

3. Gemini2 - For Mac OS Only

Locate and remove duplicate files, even if they're in remote corners of your system. Gemini 2 scans your whole disk speed-of-light fast, no matter how massive it is. Dig through scan results and hand-pick the files to erase, or better — let Smart Select do all the work.

Gemini's carefully crafted to be super simple. Whatever you need to do — view duplicates in detail or quickly destroy them — it takes a few clicks. Because that's what a good duplicate finder does: makes things simpler.

4. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Another duplicate finder program that can run the task of finding the identical files effectively is Auslogics duplicate file finder. It is designed especially to scan for those unnecessary files on Windows PC and delete them to save some space on the device. It is available for free download for Windows PC users. So get it installed on your device and remove the files instantly. Download Now

5. Double Files Finder

Double Files Finder is an application which searches for duplicate files (files which have the same content, but not necessarily the same name) and lets the user remove duplicate files, either by deleting them or by creating links. The search is very fast compared to other similar programs which use hashing algorithms.

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