How To Un-delete Files in Windows 7

Besides fast start-up, quick shutdown, and other useful features, Windows 7 enables its users to easily recover deleted files. This effective feature of Windows 7 is known as ‘Restoring Previous Versions’ that allows you to restore your deleted files without much hassle.

These previous versions of your files and folders are either their replicas or backups created by Windows 7. However, to enable this method, you will have to enable ‘System Protection’.

The ‘System Protection’ creates restore points every week and after every major change that has taken place (like after program installation). However, restore points will not be created if ‘System Protection’ is disabled. Moreover, you can set the amount of disk space that will be used by this method to create restore point. However, you have to be very careful while allotting the disk space as you use this space for storing your files and folders.

Let us understand how you can recover Windows file with this feature of Windows 7 through a practical example:

Suppose, you have accidentally deleted some of your precious files from your Windows 7 based system. If you have enabled the ‘System Protection’ option in your system, then you can very easily restore your deleted files just by following the below mentioned steps:

  1. Select the folder from which you have lost the files and right-click on it. Further, select ‘Previous Versions’ tab. A list of various previous versions of this folder is generated. Select the version of this folder that you want and double-click on it. This will open the previous version of the folder having all the files that were in it at that time. From here, you can simply copy and paste your deleted files or drag them to the folder where you want to save them.

  2. Therefore, with these simple steps, you will be able to restore all your lost or deleted files in Windows 7. However, if you do not find your files in previous version through this method, then the restore point might have not been created at that time, as you have not enabled the option when these files were saved on your computer. Apart from this, the situation can also occur when your last modification was done long ago and the restore point has been deleted by the tool itself.

  3. In such situations, using professional deleted data recovery software is recommended. A professional tool recovers all deleted files without causing any such troubles. The simple intuitive user interface of a commercial tool enables users to perform the recovery of lost or deleted files without much effort. Most of the tools of this category support vast range of file types, thus you need not worry whether you lose your doc file or an image or any other kind of file from your system.

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