Find Duplicate Files Using Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder Tool!

Nowadays having a main hard drive with 1TB of capacity is the most normal thing in the world, which has given rise to worrying levels of the so-called Digital Diogenes Syndrome, to the extent that you probably even have same files floating around in different places on your hard drive. Luckily, there are programs to do complex file searches to find the duplicates.

Find Duplicate Files Windows 10

Duplicate File Finder is a free tool for Windows and Windows 10 PCs that allows you to deal with enormous quantities of information, providing a powerful file search engine that can detect duplicate files and folders using a huge array of criteria.

It can find and remove duplicate files fast and accurately, it is one of the best duplicate file finder which allows you to find the same photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, musics, etc.

Find and Remove Duplicate Files in 3 Simple And Easy Steps

  1. Download and install Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder on PC. Then open it.

  2. Select a folder or multiple folders to scan by clicking the "Add Folder" button on the left or directly dragging your folders to the large central icon and then click the “Search Now” button on the right. Duplicate File Finder will start to deep scan the whole folders.

  3. When the scanning finishes, the results will be presented all together. You can delete those duplicate files to free up space on your Windows PC.

Find Duplicate Files

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