Declutter your computer files in 5 minutes with Duplicate File Finder

With more and more use of a computer for daily work, the files add on and this leads to digital clutter. And, digital clutter is simply bad for your computer as it slows down performance and reduces storage space, which in a turn effects efficiency of work.

The clutter of files can be huge as they are stored in various different folders and many times there exist duplicate files on the computer which are important. Use Duplicate File Finder software to get rid of it, the Duplicate file finder software which is a space saving utility software will help you to become productive by increasing your PC’s performance and efficiency.

Now, decluttering of computer files should be done routinely and it takes not more than 5 minutes to do so if you follow these 3 steps:


This should be the number one thing that you should do in the process to declutter your computer in 5 minutes, as the majority of space would be cleared and the task of decluttering would look much less daunting.


After deleting all duplicate or clone files from your file folders, remove all the other unwanted and unnecessary files which you don’t use by going through the list of files.To do this step in the decluttering process effectively for freeing up space on your computer, sort the list of files by their size. This will help you to remove large unwanted files easily.


With both the above two steps done, you will be left with the useful data files. So now just rename or create new sub-folders and put the files in their right folders. Renaming existing folders to the more specific file name based on the files stored will help you in future to identify computer files easily and have less duplicate files.

Here is a small tutorial video to remove duplicate files using free duplicate file finder which is totally free to do this task.

With this software, you, can de-clutter all kinds of folders and delete all kinds of duplicate files. For more filtering and exclusion options for deleting files, you can upgrade to pro edition which will be of immense help.

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