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cNet Award

Once upon a time, duplicate files were so evil that no expense and effort was spared to hunt them down, terminate them, and erase every trace of their existence. Hard drives grew, and duplicate files became less of a problem. Then came digital cameras, MP3s, and video, and suddenly duplicate files are once again threatening to take over the world, but today's duplicates are sometimes bigger than entire hard drives were back when dupes were space-sucking villains.

Fortunately, the duplicate file finders have kept pace, and today's tools are far better than yesterday's at identifying and filtering duplicates without removing the wrong files.

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Softpedia Award

Duplicate Finder has a title that pretty much explains its functionality. This tool allows you to locate and delete duplicate files, in order to free up space. The interface of the program is clean and easy to navigate through. You can get started by adding paths that Duplicate Finder will look through.

So, you can look for files with the same names (and with the same extension, by default) or byte by byte. But you can also make Duplicate Finder track down music duplicates (with title, artist and album similarity) and non-duplicate unique files.

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Softonic Award

As you might expect, Duplicate Finder finds duplicate files on your computer and lets you erase, move or re-name them. As dupe tools go, it's a good one.

The interface isn't particularly impressive, but the program has some nice filtering and exclusion features that make it very easy to search for exactly the type of file you want to check.

Duplicate Finder has four different search modes that will give you varying levels of power. Same Name Files and Zero Size File will give you a superficial search that's good for getting rid of major clutter, while Byte to Byte and CRC32 are more complex methods that find files identical in content but not in name. Once found, Duplicate Finder displays the results in an easy-to-read table that shows you exactly where the duplicates are located.

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Free Downloads Center Award

Duplicate Finder helps you maintain your system health and life by cleaning it of duplicate files which take up hard disk space. Duplicate files can be created for various reasons and it has detrimental effects on your system performance. This reliable tool can identify duplicate files byte by byte for accurate and faster results. It has the ability to show the files versions and properties. The results can be derived in HTML and CSV formats.

The interface of the tool is very user-friendly even for novice users. It supports all network connections as well works with removable media devices like floppies and other tools. Duplicate files which are created at the time of installation of some application and running of some programs can be identified very easily with this tool. It successfully removes true duplicate files saving your disk space and enabling smooth running of your systems.

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Digital Home Reviews

If you have a large collection of any type of digital media, whether it be photos or music, odds are you'll end up with duplicates. Hard drives are so big nowadays, it's not so much a matter of saving space as it is having a neat and organized library of digital data.

I posted about this exact problem earlier and Filip suggested me to try Duplicate Finder. The user interface is very polished and all in all the program works quite well - it's very fast, chewing through 13,000 or so MP3/WMA files in about ten seconds on my AMD 3500+ machine. It sorts the results in a list that shows the folder location, file size, and other data, and lists the duplicates in clusters./p>

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I Love Free Software Award

Looking for a robust program for getting rid of duplicate images? Look no further than Duplicate Photo Finder. Having a busy but easy to use interface filled with all kinds of options, It is perfect for finding and removing duplicate copies of images. Although many of the included options are only available in the paid version, but even without them, It works pretty well.

You can simply specify the locations to be searched for duplicates in the Search Locations tab, to get started. In addition to that, the program also lets you configure options such as byte by byte file comparison, and finding files based on same name, extensions and time. When finished, hit the Start Search button. You can preview the image results, and even export them in HTML or TXT format.

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